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Ningbo WellMade Electrical Co.,Ltd . is a manufacturer specializing in the LED industry in China. We produce many high quality products including LED Spotlight, LED Bulb , LED Tree Lamp, High Power LED Spotlight , LED Tube Light And so on. Our large facilities provide us with vast space to work diligently and are equipped with high-tech machines and technologically sophisticated equipments that specialize in generating optoelectronic devices. Located in Ningbo, the most industrialized and technologically advanced area in China, we are able to access a great amount of resources, which enables us to produce the highest quality LED product in the industry. We are also proud to proclaim that our facilities are environmentally friendly. WellMade consists of an matched management team and a group of expert engineers, highly skilled technicians and trained assembly line workers. Our abundant knowledge, profuse technical power and strict quality supervision system enable us to produce first-class products.


Furthermore, our products are widely exported to many countries including Europe, the U.S., the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Our facilities are located near ports in Shanghai and Ningbo, which allow efficient and quick transportation of our products to our clients. With an exceptional team of technicians and workers, a convenient location, and top of the line equipment, we are capable of providing high quality LED series products. With our expertise in LED manufacturing and knowledge in research and development, we can ensure our customers that we are the best choice for LED products.

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