Company introduction

Ningbo Well Made Electrical Co.,Ltd,founded in 2008,has been a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative lighting solutions.Specific attention is given to LED flood light,LED panel light,LED mirror light and pendant light areas,but almost any lighting product can be competitively sourced and supplied.Many market-leading brands are now illuminated by our products across the Europe and our current client base comes from Poland,France,Germany,Spain,etc.

In 2010,we established our own factory in Ningbo which focuses on LED flood light.Since then,LED flood light has been the fist product within our range.The objective has been to offer quality lighting products at low cost.

Price – Running with direct production facilities associated with a supplychain of raw materials from mainland China, we guarantee to offer our customers the best achievable price of products within marketplace. 
“Our direct factory pricing will help you win over your competitors!”

Product - Working with customers from European market for more than 10 years, we fully understand the quality needs.
OEM: Quality - Subject to our strict quality standards, you can rest assured that any product destined for the consumer market has undergone several quality and safety checks before arriving in your market. 

Custom design and development: Creating unique image is our expertise to help you attracting public recognition of your products. We have a R&D Team with 8 experienced technical staff. Our self-own production facilities enable us to turn new and innovative product designs into reality.
“Give us your requirements and we will provide you the best choice product or build concepts to reality!”

Production Capacity –4 production lines around 120 workers guaranteed production capacity around 30 x 40GP every month. And there are 2~3 subcontracting factories will help us for production during peak delivery time. We will send professional QC to control the quality.

Service –Our services are committed through the enthusiasm of our team members by fully understanding your needs.All your inquiries before/during/after an order are always addressed at first priority!
“We will treat you as a friend!”

It is important to Well Made to keep up with the technological development in order to offer the best and most functional product to our customers. We always keep an eye on the cutting edge of international trends and designs, so our products continue to be attractive to own.
If you are not already working with us, a warm welcome awaits and we would love you to be a part of our continued success.

Contacts:Shirley Fang
Add:1208 A2 Liyuanshangdu Building,West Huancheng Road, Ningbo, China