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2014 Russia Lighting Fair2014.11.11-14

Introduction of the Exhibition:
Russian International Lighting and Lighting Technology Exhibition, initiated by Ost-West-Partner, a German exhibition company, in 1995, has been existing for 17 years. Messe Frankfurt which purchased Ost-West-Partner in 2012 now is in charge of this exhibition, the largest fair for luminaires, light decoration, lighting products and relevant accessories in East Europe.
As the largest country all over the world, Russia is full of potential. Being a member of WTO, Russia keeps an economy growth rate of 6% to 7%, which stimulates the development of construction industry and consequently pushes the lighting industry, resulting in an substantially increasing demand for import of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment, drawing the attention of world’s lighting products manufacturers, especially those in China to share the giant market of 150 million consumers. Besides, Russia is going to hold 2014 Winter Olympic Games and 2018 World Cup. Russian government plans to set 25 billion dollars to build nearly 30 large sports facilities, and to rebuild landscape and outdoor lighting, bringing a huge increase in the demand for constructionintelligence technology and electrical equipment.
All the above changes benefit the Russia International Lighting and Lighting Technology Exhibition, making the exhibition a better one in terms of scale and influence compared with the first ones earlier.
Review of the Last Exhibition:
2012 Russia Lighting Exhibition, lasting 4 days, attracted 50,224 professional visitors, among which most are from Europe, Turkey, Commonwealth of Independent States and Mainland Russia. China Pavilion, Light Decoration Pavilion, LED Forum Pavilion and Europe Essence Pavilion, the four major showrooms opened in this exhibition, displayed latest products of nearly 700 manufacturers from 44 countries. Chinese delegation, the biggest overseas participating group, consists of approx. 300 firms. Most Chinese manufacturers are optimisticabout the future of Russian market, and more than half indicated that they would come to the 2013 Exhibition.

Market Analysis:
As the largest country across the world, Russia has a very bright future for lighting products. Russia government will ban the sales of incandescent lamps in 2011, use of incandescent lamps more than 75 watts in 2013, and all incandescent lamps in 2014. With its economy growth rate at 6% - 7% in the last seven years, Russia drew LED manufactures’ attention all across the world.
Product Category:
Industry lights, installation technology & protectionsystem, halogen lamps, electronic components, adapters, accessories, cinema lighting system, infrared lamps, pendant lamp accessories, quartz lamp accessories, machinery for lighting industry, gas discharge lamps, ballasts, accessories for wire connection, vehicle lamps, traffic lights, sockets, floodlights, wires & cables, ceiling mounted lights, transformers, office lights, dimmers, emergency lamps, outdoor lights, lighting magazines, spotlights, management of disposed lighting products & recycling technology, household lighting system, etc.

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